I'm looking for ways to help my students in 6th grade that have difficulty reading and that are not interested in reading. Perhaps some of your ideas on your website will help me. Thanks, Sue

Karen's Response:
That is always a great reward: turning kids on to the pleasure of reading. It happens so much easier when they find reading materials on subjects they enjoy.

And everyone loves a good story!

I believe the single best strategy for struggling readers is to hear a story they enjoy read out loud to them. Then have them read the story - either out loud to someone else or silently.

The educator Ruth Beechick had another strategy that I have found very successful and very simple:

Students are assigned to read three different books on any subject of their choice. Then they have to do a project of any type to explain what they have learned. Their project could be art work, an oral presentation, a paper - the sky is the limit. You will not hear ANY complaints when you announce that assignment.

Thank you for sharing and I hope you will report some of your successes to inspire others!

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