Summer Reading Programs

Don't waste June, July and August! Participate in summer reading programs to maintain AND increase your child's reading skills.

Literature - the doorway to reading.

How can you use these summer months to your child's literary advantage?

Of course, you know he or she needs to READ every day - or almost every day. The fact that you are on this website tells me you already know that.

See our Tips to Increase Summer Reading below on this page.

You will also want to check our Classic Kids Book Club and Middle School and High School Summer Reading Lists below.

Elementary Kids Classic Book Club

We have listed our top ten picks of classic literature by grade level. Children can earn a certificate in our classic childrens book club by reading any seven of the ten books for their grade. Earning their own certificate gives them a sense of accomplishment for their summer reading programs.

Middle School Summer Reading

Use our list of bargain books for middle school to find great reads for your 6th - 9th grade student. Hey, you don't need to buy them. Copy the list and head to the local library.

High School Summer Reading

More great literature is waiting for high school readers. In addition to exciting plots and intriguing characters, high school students gain increase their comprehension of humanity in complex social environments. Check out the high school summer reading list to find books that will make summer reading hot.

5 Tips to Increase Reading

1. Read every morning

That's right. Every morning. It's funny how students yearn so much for the summer vacation. Then what do you hear after a few days when they are moping around the house.

But I'm bored!

Your own summer reading program is a boredom buster. They may even whine about reading - at first. They'll stop that if you provide books they enjoy.

We found when we require kids to get up, clean their room, do their chores, have a little free time, and then have morning reading time before they can go outside and play it solves several problems.

First, they aren't bored. Second, it decreases sibling arguments. Third, it makes them appreciate their play time more. It becomes too valuable to waste moping around.

And, or course, it increased the amount of reading they do.

2. Reading Time before Screen Time

You have probably read that children should be limited to two hours a day in front of a screen. That includes TV, video, computers, yes even the hand held computers.

What! What are they supposed to do all day?

You guessed it. Read.

Now, I honestly don't every kid is going to become a book worm. But how about letting them have as much time in front of the screen as they spend in a book?

Just last night I told my eight year old he could have 15 minutes of computer games after his bath if he spent 15 minutes reading. Guess what? He got so excited about his book that he skipped his computer games completely. And he went to bed happy.

3. Keep A Log of Books Read

It's easy to do, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment as they see this log grow. They begin to feel the pride of self accomplishment.

At the appropriate age, have them write the books. This teaches some of the skills for recording books for biobliographies later on.

We give prizes for 1,000 pages read. Our favorite prize has been breakfast out with Dad. We've tried others, but this seems to be the most popular in our family.

4. PLAN your Child's Reading

Yes, if you have a general plan in mind, your child is more likely to read and you will feel your summer reading programs are more successful. We have a theme each library trip and the children pick out at least two books on the theme.

We have a large family library of books. I have several books in mind for what might be appropriate for when they are done with their current reading books. Then they have a choice of several selections.

Sites such as this one and other reading websites for kids are full of suggestions. It is great to be armed with a strategic plan. While the kids do pick the books they like, it helps when an adult who knows their interests and reading level can do some of the scouting.

5. Read Out Loud Every Day

Reading TO your children has wonderful benefits. Great literature, family bonding time, improved reading skills just listening to you read: these are a few of the benefits to be gleaned.

Read the article benefits of read aloud to your children to grasp ALL the rewards of this simple tradition.

In fact, reading out loud to your kids is probably better than any other summer reading programs out there. Hmmm, might as well do it all year!

More Reading

How do you find enough books to satisfy your summer reader? Here are a few suggestions.

Check It Out - At the Library

Libraries usually have suggested lists. They are a great place to start.

Reading on the Web

There are numerous websites dedicated to promoting reading and education. This site not only has an extensive list of children's reading websites, but also boasts an impressive array of great sites for every educational topic for elementary aged kids. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy browsing.

Favorite Themes

This website lists classic books by themes. Check the left navigation bar for favorite themes in your family and let the reading begin.

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