Stories about Dragons

List of Classic Dragon Books

Fire breathing dragons, knights in shining armour, castles and kingdoms and mystical jewels: classic children's literature shimmers with fantastic stories about dragons.

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The Book of Three

Lloyd Alexander

Reading Level: 4th - 8th Grade
1st book in the Prydain Chronicles
Taran has the unrewarding job of being an assistant pig-keeper but he longs of nobler tasks - even if the pig is oracular. But soon Taran finds himself in the company of the prince and a race against time to save the kingdom of Prydain. Based on Welsh legends and topography.

The Hobbit

JR Tolkien

Reading Level: 5th Grade and above
Bilbo Baggins, the contented hobbit from the Shire, finds himself in the company of 13 dwarves who depend on him to help reclaim their ancesteral home from the dragon Smaug.

Lord of the Rings

JR Tolkien

Reading Level: 7th Grade and above
Once more hobbits are matched against fierce dragons and other evil creatures, but this time in a far more serious and epic conflict. The triology is the sequel to The Hobbit. Wizards, orcs, wargs, and nazguls who fly on dragon-like beasts.

Sr. George and the Dragon

Margaret Hodges

Reading Level: 2nd - 4th
A modern retelling of a classic legend from medieval literature - complete with beautiful illustrations. Three times must the Red Cross Knight fight the wicked dragon. Adapted from the Fairie Queen. Winner of 1984 Caledecot.

Book of Dragons

E. Nesbit

Reading Level: 3rd - 4th
Interest: Kindergarten and above
A very spoiled king opens the dragon book and is surprised when a real dragon flies from the book. A collection of eight very unfrightful stories about dragons.

The Reluctant Dragon

Kenneth Grahame

Reading Level: 2nd - 4th
From the author of Wind in the Willows, comes another friendly animal story - this time about a gentle, scholarly dragon. When fearful townspeople demand the dragon be slayed, Sir George comes to do the deed. But what happens if a dragon does not care to fight? The story is a little similiar in nature to the Disney movie Pete's Dragon, though it predates it by about 90 years.

Peleg Chronicles

The Peleg Chronicles

Matthew Christian Harding

Reading Level: 6th grade and above
This trilogy is new on the market, and not a classic - at least yet. But I think the book will fare well with dragon lovers. With a distinct Christian philosophy, the descendents of Noah live in a land filled with dragons, dangerous tyrants, and gladiator-like warriors.

How to Draw A Dragon

Certainly the illustrations make stories about dragons more exciting. Here are some helps to budding artists who want to illustrate their own dragon stories.

Ralph the Dragon

Barney Kowalski

Want to learn to draw Ralph the Dragon? Dawn Phillips, the illustrator of the book "Ralph the Dragon Learns to Fly and Meets a Blue Butterfly" gives step by step directions on how to draw a dragon. Follow the link to her page about Ralph and look for the video on the bottom.

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