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Why Is Literature Important

Benefits of Reading Out Loud to Your Children

Periods of History
Historical Fiction Books by Era

Ancient History

The Middle Ages


Thanksgiving History

The American Revolution

18th Century Literature

19th Century Literature

Civil War Era Literature

Early 20th Century Literature

Depression Era Literature

World War II Literature

Historical Fiction Teaches

Reading Lists
Top Ten Books for Third Grade Readers

Top Ten Books for Fourth Grade Readers

Top Ten Books for Fifth Grade Readers

Top Ten Books for Sixth Grade Readers

Top Ten Books for Seventh Grade Readers

Top Ten Books for Eighth Grade Readers

Children's Book Club
Book Club Information

3rd Grade Book Club

4th Grade Book Club

5th Grade Book Club

6th Grade Book Club

7th Grade Book Club

8th Grade Book Club

All Book Club Titles on one page

In The Shadow of the Pines
In The Shadow of the Pines
Favorite Authors
Sets of Classic Literature

Charles Dickens

List of new children's authors

Arthur Conan Doyle
Jane Austen

Stories for Preteens
Stories for Preteens

Discount Classic Books
List of Discount Childrens Books by age and reading groups.

Easy Books

Book Themes
Themes in Children's Literature

People and Places
African American Literature

Native American Stories

World Literature Books - Stories from around the world

Unit Studies
The Jungle Book Unit Study

Wind In The Willows

Little Women Summary

Twenty and Ten

Shadow of the Pines

Wizard of Oz- Main page and 1-12 Calico Bush

Reading Help
Reading Comprehension Activities

Reading Confidence Cards

Summer Reading Programs

Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 3rd to 8th grade
More Reading Comprehension Activities
Reading Comprehension Activities.
These reading comprehension worksheets are written about exotic animals and maintain the interest of young readers.

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