Rev. John A. Rish, B.A. (Liberal Arts), M. Div.

by John A. Rish
(Houston, TX)

I love your website and the ideas behind it. I have about 65 hours of college credit in English and Literature. I am presently teaching a Behavior Class with three 5th graders, who are all boy to the core. I am trying to introduce them to literature and the joy it can bring to life. I just discovered your site, and hope it includes some of the work of Jack London. I appreciate the fact that you have included stories about overcoming disabilities.

Boys and Books
Thank you for sharing your comments. We do have some of Jack London's books listed in the dog stories section and one in ocean stories.

I know boys can provide a particular challenge when it comes to teaching an appreciation for the fine qualities of classic literature - or any other literature for that matter. The suggestions I have for parents and teachers of boys who are trying to inspire reading include:

Animal Stories
Adventure Stories
Stories with boys (or men) as the main character
War Stories (sigh! but it's true)
Heroes (historic heroes work as well as the marvel comic type and give greater life vision)

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