Reading Games for Kids

Reading Confidence Cards

The Reading Confidence Cards have multiple reading games for kids in the early stages of reading. Sight words and phonic words are combined in a variety of sentences with interesting games and activities.

Make learning to read enjoyable. Then watch them enjoy reading.

What Are Reading Confidence Cards?

The reading confidence cards are a set of flash cards with simple sentences that reinforce the most common sight words and phonic families.

  • There are 32 sets of cards, each with 8 different flashcards with a different sentence.
  • Each set reinforces one or two phonic principles, as well as common sight words.
  • One set of eight cards can be used each week for kindergarten or first grade students.
  • A reading game or activity is recommended for each set of cards to promote hands-on learning.

How To Use The Reading Confidence Cards as a Game

Each Week:
  • Cut apart one set of cards (There are eight cards in each set, each with one sentence.)
  • Prepare the reading game or activity for that set of cards.
  • Activities and games are suggested. You may also use other activities of your choice with the sentences.
  • Teach or review the phonic lesson before using the cards.
  • Have the child read the card and perform the activity.
Every Day
Have the child read all of the cards in this week's set of cards. It is optional to have them play the game or perform the activity.

Twice a week
Have the child review one card from each set of previously learned cards.
OR, you may have them review all of the cards previously learned, depending on the level of fluency and need for review.

Preparing Your Cards for Review
Because you will be re-using the cards for review activities, it helps to be able to quickly sort them by set.

Here are a few ways you can prepare the cards to make this easier. You would only need to do one:
  • Print them on different colored paper.
  • On the back, write the number of the week on all cards of that week.
  • Draw common shapes with the same color marker on the back. For instance:
    • Week One: Blue Circle
    • Week Two: Blue Star
    • Week Three: Blue Triangle
    • Keep in mind that there are a total of 32 sets - so colors and shapes will need to be mixed.
  • Use different stickers for each set.

The Reading Card Games

Reading Confidence Cards Set 1

Short Vowel Sounds
Reading Games For Kids #1 - Act It Out

The student can act out the sentences after reading them. For "cut", show students how to pantomime using scissors by moving their second and third fingers together and apart in a cutting motion.

Sight Words: I, can
Phonics: short vowel sounds
  • I can sit.
  • I can hop.
  • I can tap.
  • I can cut.
  • I can hug.
  • I can zip.
  • I can beg.
  • I can clap.

Reading Confidence Cards Set 2

Short Vowel Sounds
Reading Games For Kids #2 - Go To It

Put the stated objects around the room. After the student reads the card, they go to the object and leave their card on or near the object. Sight Words: go, to, the
Phonics: short vowel sounds
  • Go to the cup.
  • Go to the mat.
  • Go to the bag.
  • Go to the rug.
  • Go to the can.
  • Go to the box.
  • Go to the ten.
  • Go to the hat.

Reading Confidence Cards Set 3

Short Vowel Sounds
Reading Games For Kids #3 - Leave My Card

Sight Words: this, is, her, his
Phonics: short vowel, ook

Place the stated objects around the room, as was done for activity #2. This time, the student reads the card, goes to the correct object, and leaves the card.
  • This is her dog.
  • This is his cat.
  • This is her ball.
  • This is his hook.
  • This is her doll.
  • This is his car.
  • This is her book.
  • This is his bed.

Reading Confidence Cards Set 4

Silent E
Reading Games For Kids #4 - Pantomime

Sight Words: we, like
Phonics: silent e with long vowel sound
Have the student think of a pantomime for each activity to do after he or she reads the card. Then have them read the card, and act out the activity for a sibling or other third person to guess. If the student cannot read silently, they may need to read the card with you in another room before acting it out for the third person.
  • We like to bake.
  • We like to rake.
  • We like to hike.
  • We like to bike.
  • We like to hide.
  • We like to ride.
  • We like to hope.
  • We like to mope.

Reading Confidence Cards Set 5

Common verbs - nd and mp endings
Reading Games For Kids #5 - Act It Out

Sight words: watch, me
Phonics: mp endings, nd endings

This is another activity that has the student act out the motions on the card.
  • Watch me jump.
  • Watch me stand.
  • Watch me roll.
  • Watch me bend.
  • Watch me stomp.
  • Watch me bump.
  • Watch me fall.
  • Watch me walk.

Reading Confidence Cards Set 6

Color Words - nd endings
Reading Games For Kids #6 - Find My Crayon

Sight words: find, eight color words
Phonics: reinforce nd ending
Place the correct colored crayon on each card.
  • Find the color blue.
  • Find the color green.
  • Find the color yellow.
  • Find the color red.
  • Find the color orange.
  • Find the color purple.
  • Find the color white.
  • Find the color black.

Reading Confidence Cards Sets 7 - 32

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