Reading Comprehension: Seventh Grade

Use our printable free worksheets for reading comprehension. 7th grade students gain practice for standardized tests answering questions about the literary passages.

Skills for Reading Comprehension in Seventh Grade Students

7th grade reading comprehension worksheet

Seventh grade students continue to identify the main point and supporting details. They increase in their ability to assess mood, tone, characterization, and implied meaning.

In addition, middle school reading comprehension focuses on more abstract concepts. Culture, history, interpersonal and internal conflicts are reflected in reading passages. Use of these worksheets helps students to read between the lines and assess the deeper meaning of the text.

Print 7th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Toy Tour

Travel back to a tradition of a previous generation in the Toy Tour. Students consider how an older generation passed its stories to the younger members of the family.

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Toy Tour is 2 Pages

Once a year the toy room is unlocked and children can see the toys used long ago. Seventh grade students analyze the impact of this family tradition in the TOY TOUR WORKSHEET.


1. Why was the room locked except for one day a year?
A. It was filled with valuable items.
B. It contained painful memories.
C. There were family secrets no one should know about.

2. Reading about people from other eras or other places can show us how their culture and way of life is different from ours. What value did the toy tour have for this family?
A. It was a form of entertainment for the adults.
B. It made the children want toys they couldn't have.
C. It reminded the family of their past.

3. Which word describes the tone, or feeling, of this passage?
A. Melancholy
B. Humorous
C. Threatening

New Mother

The children did not enjoy their father's surprise that is described in The New Mother. How will their step-mother fit into the family?

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New Mother is 2 Pages

Seventh graders answer questions on tone, recognizing reactions, and characterization in the NEW MOTHER WORKSHEET.


1. Which word best describes how the children first feel about their new step-mother?
A. Angry
B. Suspicious
C. Delighted
D. Frightened

2. What statement is NOT true?
A. The children were surprised when their father brought his wife home.
B. She criticized the sister for her housekeeping.
C. She was tall and dark like their mother.
D. She argued with their father.

3. From what you read, what would you state about Velma?
A. She complains too much.
B. She is very cheerful and likes to play games.
C. She argues with her brothers much of the time.
D. She is a hard worker.


Many children have special memories of their grandparents. But what happens when a soldier returns from World War II to his grandfather's farm and finds his grandfather gone.

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2 Page Download

A grandson visits the abandoned farm house that once belonged to his grandfather. He reflects on what he did and did not learn in the GRANDFATHER READING WORKSHEET.


1. What is the tone of this passage?
A. Serious and reflective
B. Humorous
C. Frightening and suspenseful
D. Cheerful

2. Which statement is NOT true?
A. Alfred misses his grandfather.
B. His grandfather told him many stories.
C. His grandfather had prepared him for war.
D. No one was living in his grandfather's house.

3. What had Alfred learned since he had last seen his grandfather?
A. Battles are exciting.
B. It is wrong to take away other people's rights.
C. The stories his grandfather told about the Civil War were not true.
D. Farms and farm houses are not important.

4. In the third paragraph, what does the word "dilapidated" mean?
A. Freshly painted
B. Expensive
C. Soft
D. Falling apart

More To Come

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