Reading Comprehension for 5th Grade

Use our printable worksheets for fifth grade reading comprehension.

stack of books Reading comprehension for fifth graders becomes more demanding. They continue to identify the main idea and supporting details. Vocabulary in context becomes more important as passages increase in complexity.

Reading strategies also include noticing implied meaning. Readers are expected to connect invisible dots to draw abstract conclusions about the reading comprehension passages.

Free 5th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets To Print

Grandpa's Gold

As they are cleaning the family cemetery, the brothers hear the legend of their great-grandfather's gold. Should they believe the old rumors? Students learn to read between the lines in Grandpa's Gold reading comprehension worksheet.

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Is the family legend about Old Grandpa Aug's gold true? Could it be buried in the family cemetery? See how well your students analyze the mystery.

Grandpa's Gold Answer Key

1. In the second paragraph the grandfather is called, "the old family patriarch." Which word best describes how "patriarch" is used in this sentence?
A. Father and grandfather of a group of relatives
B. Very wealthy person
C. Political or government leader

2. A rumor is a report that is repeated without proof that it is true. What is the rumor that the relatives where discussing?
A. If Aug was their grandfather.
B. Where Aug's grave was.
C. Whether Aug had been rich.
D. If Aug hid gold in the family cemetery.

3. Which argument that the relatives made are you certain is true?
A. Aug tried to tell people where his gold was before he died.
B. Aug spent all his gold after the Civil War.
C. Aug could not put the gold in his own coffin.
D. Aug used his gold to buy the land.

4. From the information in the passage, what can you tell about the setting?
A. This occurred before the Civil War.
B. This family reunion was held after the Civil War was over but before 1900.
C. The grandfather died in the Civil War.
D. The family reunion was held after 1909.

New Shoes

In the Great Depression, nothing good be taken for granted. The children wonder if they will be able to get shoes and pencils for school. Your students will have to interpret statements and situations in the New Shoes Worksheet.

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Farmers sold their crops to buy items they could not make themselves. In the NEW SHOES WORKSHEET students have to assess the father's reaction when the yearly crops don't bring in enough money for shoes for his children.

New Shoes Answer Key

1. Why did the father get angry?
A. He thought his children had too many shoes already.
B. He could not buy the things his family needed. Correct Answer
C. He did not like shopping.

2. In the fifth paragraph the father says, "Robbery, that's what it is." What does he mean?
A. A burglar had stolen their money.
B. He was robbed on the way home.
C. He did not get very much money for all the crops he had grown all year.
D. The owner of the shoe store wanted to rob him.

3. Farmers did different things with the crops they grew. Which statement below is NOT true.
A. Farmers used the crops to feed their family.
B. Farmers sold the crops for money.
C. Farmers exchanged the crops for things they needed but could not make themselves.
D. Farmers kept all of the crops for themselves.

Field Hands

Some kids might think it would be fun to drop out of school, but not Alfred. When hunger forces him to become a field hand to buy food instead of going to school, he still realizes the importance of learning. The Field Hands Worksheet leads your students to assess the motives of characters.

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Alfred faces a dilemma: should he go to school or work to buy food for his younger brothers and sisters? Students read oral and internal dialogue in the FIELD HANDS WORKSHEET to analyze Alfred's dilemma.

Field Hands Answer Key

1. What does the father think about school?
A. He thinks it is very important.
B. He does not think it is important. Correct Answer
C. He did not allow his children to read or learn.

2. Why does the father want the boys to work as field hands?
A. To earn money for food. Correct Answser
B. To get strong working in the fields.
C. To help the neighbors out.
D. He is fair.
3. Stories often have a dilemma. A dilemma is a problem that occurs when a person must choose between two difficult options. What is Alfred's dilemma?
A. He does not have enough money to go to school.
B. He does not want his father to think he is a sissy.
C. If he works he cannot go to school; but if he does not work his family will go hungry.
D. He does not have any books to read.

More Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Come back to see additional worksheets on reading comprehension for fifth grade. We will be adding new reading comprehension passages from literature each month.

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