Little Women

Little Women Summary and Unit Study

Developing a Little Women summary and character sketch is a great way to conclude the study of Louisa May Alcott's best loved book.

      Little Women - A Large Classic
Four sisters, a father away in the Civil War, and a devoted mother have inspired generations of readers with their story of love and generosity.

While this timeless classic continues to be read, many readers are left staring at the page as they try to write a summary or book report about this story. It does not have "conflict" in the usual sense. There is no bad guy.

Instead, there is a loving family that faces that beauty and pain that life brings as time moves.

Here are some thoughts on how to write about this much-loved classic.

Writing Ideas For Little Women

Louisa May Alcott Quotes

"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.

"Oh my girls, however long you may live, I never can wish you a greater happiness than this."

These two quotes by Louisa May Alcott provide a very short summary of the book, as well as snapshot of the character development of the main character, Jo. The first sentence above is the opening sentence of the book where the reader first encounters the second-oldest sister and her siblings. The second sentence is the final conclusion. Describe how these two provide statements provide a summary of Little Women as well as a reflection of Jo's story.

Summarize the Book

Write a chapter by chapter summary of the book as a diary by Jo. Each chapter should have two to three sentences and include the most important event. Also inclulde the most important thing Jo learned or discovered.

Character Sketch

Write a character sketch of each of the four sisters. Describe at least five things about each sister. How are they different from one another?

What do you believe each sister wants most in life? Fears most?

Louisa May Alcott Bio

Look up some information about the author. How is Jo like her? How is she different?

Happiness In Hard Times

Jo learns that happiness does not come from money or fun. What other lessons does Jo learn?

15 years in the Life of a Family

This story takes place over a fifteen year period. Think of all the things that may have happened in your family in the last fifteen years. Make a list of events and changes.

Life changes as the family gets older. Think of how your family's life has changed as you haved grown. There are external changes (the environment you life in) and internal changes (changes of the heart.)

Economy Version

Little Women Little Women
By (Louisa May Alcott) Unabridged

The classic story of four very different sisters growing up together. Although they go in totally different directions as they reach adulthood, their love binds them permanently together. Based on events in the author's childhood.
549 pages - Paperback

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