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This list of authors and books displays the work of children's authors who have new books they have published.

Why do we list new authors on a site about classical children's books?

While most of the books listed on this site are more than 50 years old, we also keep in mind that some of the books written today will be the classics your grandchildren will read to their children. Help identify the "new classics" as they find their way in a tumultuous market.

New Children's Authors

The Peleg Chronicles

By Matthew Christian Harding

Reading Level: Grade 6 to adult
Interest Level: Grade 2 and above
Genre: Fiction from the time of the dispersion, an era in Biblical history after Noah's flood when people groups separated

The Foundling

Book One

A witch has pronounced a curse on Lord McDougal. He and all his family will die by the end of the year. One by one, the others passed away. Now the nobel McDougal is the only one of his family left.

Fergus, his loyal servant, fights by his side as they encounter dragons, giants, evil priests, and other enemies from a pre-historic world. The two befriend orphan foundlings who are also in danger.

The author portrays the challenges of those who followed Noah's God in a hostile world. It ends in a dramatic scene. Wild beasts are sent on a Death Hunt of McDougal and his followers outside as the people inside the walled city watch. An exciting adventure story which leaves the reader craving for the second book.


Book Two

Danger and suspense continue in the second book as Lord McDougal and his servant Fergus are separated. The intrigue builds as king's courtiers, grave robbers, and the dragon priests plot against the orphan foundlings and their protectors - the paladins. Like the first book, the second story also ends with a dramatic flare as a main character faces unknown enemies in the arena.

Read more about the Peleg Chronicles at Matthew Christian Harding's website.

The Scottish Thistle

By Cindy Vallar

Era: 18th Century Scotland
Historical Fiction
Reading/Interest Level: 8th grade and above

Travel through the highlands and lowlands of Scotland with this novel filled with danger, honor, and romance. A woman chieftain is pledged to be married to someone she does not desire but loyalty to her people requires much of her. The action takes place at the time of the Stuarts as the main characters are caught in the conflict with the British throne.

Costly Freedom

By Terry Webb

Era: Georgia during Reconstruction
True Story
Reading/Interest Level: 4th - 8th Grade

Albert, Sam, and Will were friends before the Civil War. Now they are reunited, but the war has changed everything - including their friendship.

Sam is the son of an abolitionist pastor. Will's father was a confederate soldier whose plantation and health were destroyed. Albert is a former slave.

When the Klu Klux Klan brings violence to their community, the boys need courage to face the cost of freedom.

This story is based on the experience of the author's great-grandfather. It helps today's children recognize the wide spread impact of the Civil War on every aspect of life. Even after the war, difficult decisions were faced by the younger generation as former slaves struggled with issues of liberty and justice for all.

Founders' Fables

Ten Tales For Future Patriots

Author Laurie Cockerell

Illustrator Travis Dougherty

Genre: Political Poetry for Kids

Here is a full color picture book, with child-pleasing poetry to promote political principals. Laurie took ten different statements from America's founders. The list includes Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Locke, and James Madison. (Quick Quiz: Which two were NOT presidents?)

The statement is then dramatized with a modern day story written in verse. Colorful pictures illustrate the poem on the opposite page. There are discussion questions for each of the ten sections for both younger and older children.

Here is an example. One section entitled Fair Share starts with a quote from Thomas Jefferson's first Inaugural address. "A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one naother, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned."

A poetic story follows of two boys earning money for a toy they want to buy. One boy keeps a lemonade stand; the other does chores for neighbors. At the end of the summer, one has more than the other. The "queen" of the block decides that isn't fair, and redistributes the money. Discussion questions relate to the redistribution of wealth.

You can look at the download of one of the poems and discussion questions at

Alanis' Daily Routine

Author: Trauma Fontaine Newell

True Story

Alanis is a young, delightful girl with autism. She faces challenges others don't always understand. Changes to her routine can be frustrating and overwhelming. Communicating her feelings and needs can be difficult.

In this book Alanis and her mother (the author) share the challenges and triumphs of living with autism. It is a story of hope and courage.

Meet the Teens

Author: Marcie Cooper

Age: 4 to 8 years
Genre: Counting Book (Numbers 10 to 20)

If you have ever taught a pre-schooler to count above ten, you realize the irregularity of the number names. If your little one is struggling with these numbers, you will want to read "Meet the Teens."

The story is about the teens moving to Numberville. Their new neighbors, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve, have difficulty remembering their names.

The book uses rhythm and rhyme which is perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. So introduce them to the challenging teen numbers with "Meet the Teens."

Glasses for Me? Oh, No!

Author: Kaleena Ma
Illustrator: Dawn Phillips

Picture Book for 4 to 8 year olds

Sini is having trouble seeing things. But when the eye doctor tells her she needs glasses, she is horrified. But new specs give her a new look at life.

The story shows how Sini copes with an unwanted change, and finds things better than she expected.

We will be adding new titles to our list of authors and books for kids. Check back soon!

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