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Classic Literature Tells the Human Story

In the midst of wrong, we search for what is right.

Whether one confronts the forces of nature, the injustices of society, the sinister plot of a twisted mind, or the empty echoes of a lonely heart; our search for good in the midst of wrong continues. Children can open the pages of great stories and see the saga of human life unfold.

For a love of literature and a lifetime of learning

This is a website dedicated to classical children's literature. We will showcase books that have withstood the two greatest tests - kids and time.

To make it easier for you to find the best books for the kids in your life we have listed them in groups.

Stories by Era of History

Stories by Age Level

Stories by Favorite Themes

Almost all of these books have been in continuous print for 50 years or more and still are loved by children. (And the few that are less than 50 years are included because they deserve extra merit.)

Books that make history come alive

                                Books that inspire a love of literature

                                                                Books that produce avid readers

                                                                                                And turn readers into thinkers

More than that, we'll combine history and literature and reading. And, yes, even though we still love the thought of curling up with a great book in front of a cozy fire, we also know the age of computers has arrived.

Here you will find how to combine classical literature with the e-kids of today. (But we're not willing to throw out the books and fireplace just yet.)

Since this is a hobby, it will take some time to get the site where we want it to be. So come on back to visit again. But before you go.......
.......we would like to hear what you believe are the best ways to promote classical literature with kids.

How Can We Promote Children's Literature?

What ideas, thoughts, or questions do you have?

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