Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These free reading comprehension worksheets are a painless way of practicing reading comprehension exercises.

Improve reading skills with our reading comprehension passages from literature.

Free PRINTABLE Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Our free reading comprehension worksheets will give practice questions in the following areas:
  • Identifying the main idea
  • Understanding facts and events
  • Recognizing tone
  • Comprehending quotes and conversations
  • Using vocabulary in context
  • Analyzing implied meaning

Elementary Reading Comprehension

In the elementary years, students need practice reading passages, understanding the events within the passage, and using vocabulary appropriately.

reading comprehension worksheet reading comprehension answer key

3rd Grade

Our third grade reading comprehesion worksheets give students practice reading dialogue. Large print, interesting action, and multiple choice questions make these ideal third grade reading compehension worksheets.

4th Grade

Your active students will enjoy these passages about children from other eras. Questions about vocabulary, recall of facts, and identifying the main idea make these great activities on the fourth grade reading comprehension worksheets.

5th Grade

These fifth grade reading comprehension worksheets contain dialogue, prose, action and imagery. Students need to identify the main point, the intention of the speaker, and answer questions on the setting.

Middle School Reading Comprehension

6th Grade

The questions on the sixth grade reading comprehension worksheets are more advanced as student interpret statements, analyze meaning, and describe the mood of a literary passage.

7th Grade

Skills on the seventh grade reading comprehension worksheets include analyzing vocabulary, personal characteristics, and culture.

8th Grade

Students practice vocabulary-in-context, reading between the lines, identifying character and mood in the eighth grade reading comprehension worksheets.

More Reading Help

Get ideas on reading comprehension activites to improve student reading.

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