Discount Childrens Books

Our discount childrens books list gives you a great selection of the world's best classic literature for a price you can afford.

These paperback books have been published to provide high quality literature at bargain prices. They are broken down into approximate age groups.

Robin Hood

Young Readers

Approximately 2nd to 4th Grade

These abridged versions of classic stories will delight your young readers.

Here's a reading strategy that works well for early readers with these high interest stories: Read the book out loud to your child. Then let him or her read them independently.

High action stories create enough motivation for the reader to enjoy them a second time. Watch this simple strategy boost their reading vocabulary with the inexpensive books for young readers

Swiss Family Robinson

Upper Elementary and Above

Approximately 4th to 8th Grade

Your child will find numerous great adventures they will read and re-read in the list of thrift classic books for 4th to 8th grade.

These stories can also be read aloud to younger students; and will be enjoyed for pleasure reading by readers or all ages.

Check out this list of cheap paperback books of classic literature for upper elementary and above.

The Three Muskateers

Middle School

Interest Level From 6th Grade to Adult

Introduce your middle schooler to high quality literature that introduces characters and social dilemnas from distant times and places.

Readers will be entertained, educated, and inspired with these bargain books for 6th to 9th grade readers. Many of the books in the 4th - 8th grade category above are also appropriate for middle school and high school readers.

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