8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These eighth grade reading comprehension worksheets will give your students practice on reading strategies.

Eighth grade worksheets can be used to develop reading comprehension strategies or as a reading comprehension quiz. Students focus on the meaning of the passage as well as the contribution of supporting details. They should assess internal dialogue of characters as well as analyze how character impacts action.

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Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets Below

A Sad Farewell

In a touching farewell, a mother calls her children to her bedside to tell them good-bye. Alfred was unable to answer, but his mother's words remained with him forever in The Sad Farewell.

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Students analyze Alfred's reaction to his mother's announcement in The Sad Farewell worksheet.

Answers to the Questions on the Sad Farewell Worksheet

1. What would be the best name for this passage?
A. Land Mix Ups
B. Last Words
C. Still Smiling

2. Velma grabbed her mother's hand and told her she loved her. Why did Alfred not move or say anything?
1. He didn't love his mother.
2. He was thinking about the lawsuit.
3. He didn't know what to say.
4. He was afraid of crying.

3. If Alfred could have spoken, what do you think he would have said to his mother?
1. "I will watch over the others."
2. "We are going to win this lawsuit."
3. "I"ll be rich and famous some day."
4. "I'm going to try and make you well again."

4. Which word best describes Alfred's feeling for his grandfather in this passage.
1. Respect
2. Resentment
3. Frustration
4. Reserved


In the The Relatives Worksheet an aunt and uncle come to call, but it isn't a friendly visit. Students analyze the exchange and draw conclusions about the characters.

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Alfred overhears an aunt and uncle suggesting to his father that they split the children up after their mother's death. Alfred has mixed feelings when he never sees his mother's relatives again in the RELATIVES WORKSHEET.

Answers to the Questions on the Relatives Worksheet

1. What does the first paragraph imply?
A. Alfred misses his mother.
B. Alfred liked company opening the gate.
C. Alfred disliked doing homework.

2. How would you describe the conversation between the aunt and father?
A. Courteous
B. Irate
C. Heartbreaking
D. Loving

3. What conclusions could you make about the father from this passage?
A. He is lazy and does not want to take care of his kids.
B. He is well-educated.
C. He has a temper.
D. He keeps calm under all circumstances.

4. What does the word “tirade” in the last paragraph mean?
A. Sudden Decision
B. Fast Departure
C. Grief
D. Angry speech

Sugar Cane Time

The children all looked forward to the Sugar Cane Harvest every fall. Can your students recount the facts about this old tradition as well as recognize the meaning of the statements?

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Everyone had fun at the Sugar Cane Harvest when relatives and friends would work together. But it wasn't always fun for the livestock - especially if they got into the fermented leftovers.

Answers to the Questions on the Sugar Cane Worksheet

1. Which statement best describes the sugar cane harvest?
A. It was hard work everyone dreaded.
B. Lots of people enjoyed working together.
C. Everyone played games and had fun.

2. What is the correct order that the sugar cane was harvested?
A. Sugar cane stalks were cut, juice was squeezed out, the syrup was cooked.
B. The syrup was spooned into barrels, the syrup was cooked, it was fed to the animals.
C. Mules were used to cut sugar cane stalks, the men heated the syrup in the vats, the women poured it into barrels.

3. Which statement is NOT true about cooking the syrup?
A. The syrup was heated in a long vat.
B. Pine knots were used to start a fire.
C. Gates were opened and closed to let syrup run downhill.
D. It was easy to cook and anyone could do it.

3. What was the attitude about animals getting the fermented drink?
A. They were afraid the neighbors would be angry.
B. They were worried about cows and pigs dying.
C. They were humored by it.
D. They were glad because they thought the neighbors should keep their animals off their property.

More Reading Help for Eighth Grade

We will have more 8th grade worksheets added to this page. Check back to see new materials.

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