6th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Use our printable free 6th grade reading comprehension worksheets. They can be used as a reading comprehensive quiz or to gain practice reading a literary passage and answering questions.


As reading becomes more fluent in sixth grade, reading comprehension increases in importance. Students need to be alert for:

  • Clues about character traits
  • Underlying meaning
  • Vocabulary in context
  • Predict and anticipate upcoming events

Standardized tests will also include these aspects of reading comprehension. Discussion questions that focus on motivation and character qualities teaches readers to focus on these items. Reading comprehensive quizzes can help in preparation. Practice with worksheets like the ones below, either as an assignment or quiz, can help students focus on important elements while reading.

Print Sixth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Old Shoes

In The Old Shoes Worksheet students learn about the barter system and how a family in the Depression gets used shoes for their kids to go to school.

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Old Shoes 2 Page Download

Families needed to be creative in the Depression Era to supply the most basic needs. A pair of used shoes is the best they can barter for. But what did Mama use to barter for the shoes? In the OLD SHOES WORKSHEET students analyze the implied meaning of the passage.

Old Shoes Answers

1. In the first paragraph it states that the peddler's cart contained a "conglomeration." Which is the best definition of "conglomeration?"
A. A variety of unrelated things
B. A group of dangerous items
C. Expensive things only rich people can afford

2. How would you explain the barter system.
A. Peddlers would steal things from people.
B. People traded what they had for what they didn’t have without using money.
C. People bought used clothes and shoes.
D. Farmers could get rich using the barter system.

3. Sometimes stories imply something that is not stated directly. The reader is expected to understand something that was not said. What does this passage imply?
A. Mary Joy does not like peaches.
B. Peddlers sell a lot of different objects.
C. Mother sold her canned fruits to buy used shoes.

The Drought

Readers learn how a farmer used his animals as collateral to get money to buy seeds for the next crop. They also discover in The Drought Worksheet what happens when the crop does not grow.

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The Drought 2 Page Download

Students get more practice with implied meaning as they assess what happens to the family farm in THE DROUGHT WORKSHEET.

The Drought Answers<

1. What mood describes this passage?
A. Joyful
B. Hopeless
C. Annoying

2. Which statement is NOT true?
A. Animals died in the heat.
B. The children worked hard in the field with their father.
C. The crops were ruined in the rain.
D. The family lost their animals.

3. Stories sometimes imply that something happened. The reader has to make a guess about what specifically happened. What is implied in this passage?
A. The sheriff took the animals because they had been stolen.
B. Because the crops did not grow, their father could not pay back the loan for the seeds and his animals were taken.
C. The animals were sold to buy more seeds and tools.

Moving To The Woods

When the farm failed it looked hopeless for the family, but Papa had an idea. Moving To The Woods describes how the family makes a new beginning.

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Moving To The Woods 2 Page Download

Students analyze the different reactions of family members as they loose their home and move to a tent in the woods in MOVING TO THE WOODS WORKSHEET.

Moving To The Woods Answers<

1. Which would be the BEST name for this passage?
A. Let's Go Camping
B. A New Home
C. Lost in the Woods
D. Washing Dishes

2. Why did their father decide to go to the woods?
A. He wanted to go camping.
B. The woods were the only place he could take mules.
C. He and his sons could work as loggers.
D. He found a house in the woods they could live in.

3. What was Alfred's reaction to moving to the woods?
A. He was not sure it was a good idea.
B. He thought it would be lots of fun.
C. He was glad to move away from his old home.
D. He was afraid because the woods were new to him.

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