4th Grade Reading List

Our Top Ten Choices for Fourth Grade

This 4th grade reading list gives you our top ten picks for quality classic literature for fourth grade students.

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Misty Of Chincoteague

By Marguerite Henry

Two orphans living with their grandparents resolve to catch one of the most mysterious of the wild ponies. Chincoteague is a real island off the coast of Maryland famous for their wild ponies. While these characters are fictitious, it is based on true events. For those horse lovers captivated by Misty, an entire series of beautiful books about Misty and her off-spring is waiting.

Amos Fortune, Free Man

By Elizabeth Yates

Beautifully written, this true story is about an African man who was captured, sold into slavery, bought his freedom, and became a widely respected citizen in his New England community. Amos lived in the 1700's in Africa and New England. For three centuries people have told the story of his hard work, compassion, and love of freedom.

Old Yeller

By Fred Gibson

A fictitious but realistic life in the 1860's in the hill country of Texas. A fourteen year old boy has to assume the responsibilities as the man of the house when his father leaves. Travis has to endure an ugly stray dog whom he comes to love, a pesty little brother, and numerous hair-raising encounters in his father's absence. Travis learns about responsibility, and the hope of a new generation in the midst of grief. Life on a nineteen century farm is accurately portrayed.

The Light At Tern Rock

By Julie Sauer

Ronnie agrees to stay with his aunt at the lighthouse at Tern Rock while the lightkeeper takes a 2 week vacation. But what happens when the lightkeeper doesn't come back? Ronnie learns not only about life on a desolate rock, but forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas.

Cheaper by the Dozen

By Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Forget the new movie by the same name, because they are NOT the same. This is a true story written by a brother and sister about their family in the 1910's and 1920's. Extrememly amusing, the story explores some of the idiosyncracies of their family life in a kind and entertaining manner. Themes include family and modern inventions.

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

By Jean Lee Latham

This biography of Nathaniel Bowditch recounts the accomplishments of a mathematician and navigator from Salem, Massachussetts in late 1700's and early 1800's. Demonstrates how perseverence overcomes personal hardships.

Little House on the Prairie

By Laura Ingalls Wilder

This is the second book in this well known series describing several generations of a real pioneer family. True Little House fans might recommend starting with the first book in the series, "Little House in the Big Woods." The first book of the series preserves the details of daily life and the numerous chores that comprise the family routine. Little House on the Prairie contains more adventures and dangers, and discusses wider issues of life on the prairie. The stories are not like the TV series with the same name.

The Railway Children

By Edith Nesbit

This is a fictitious story of a British family based on political incidents between Russia and England in the early 1900's. A wealthy family is impoverished after their father is falsely accused of spying for Russia. The three children and their mother move to the country near a railway line. Here the children befriend one another and their new community. They show kindess to friends and strangers - rich and poor. Finally, the family gets the gift they are waiting for. A tale of family, friendship, and good manners.

Strawberry Girl

By Lois Lenski

Birdie Boyer is the strawberry girl who lives on a berry farm in the backwoods of Florida in the early 1900's. The family endures many of the hardships of farming - including heat and cold. But a greater challenge is the brewing feud with their neighbors.

The Box Car Children

By Gertrude Chandler Warner

Two brothers and two sisters run off together after their parents' death to avoid being separated from each other. They find an abandoned train box car to live in. The children fear being found by their grandfather. But they have a surprise when they finally meet him. This first story turned into a series which now comprises over 100 books. The first 19 in the series were written by the original author.

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