3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets Below

Use our printable free 3rd grade reading comprehension worksheets. Improve student reading skills while promoting the pleasure of classic childrens literature.

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Look for reading comprehension passages that provide young readers with:
  • Interesting Stories
  • Memorable Characters
  • Valuable Lessons


Two cousins sneak off into the orchard to eat forbidden fruit. Will they get caught? How will they hide the evidence? And what do you do about a guilty conscience?

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A forbidden trip to the orchard may not be so sweet afterall. Read the passage and answer questions in the APPLES READING WORKSHEET for 3rd graders.

Answers to the Questions on the Apples Worksheet

1. Which would be the best name for this passage?
A. Apples for Sale
B. An Apple Orchard
C. Forbidden Apples Correct Answer

2. Alfred knew he was doing wrong. How can you tell?
A. He lied about what he did.
B. He tried to hide the apple cores. Correct Answer
C. He had an argument with Ray.

3. What did Miss Annie do?
A. Pretended she didn't know what happened
B. Yelled at the boys
C. Let the boys know they did not get away with stealing from her. Correct Answer

A Night In the Woods

Four brothers have to move into the woods with their father when they lose their home. The first night is the scariest with all the new night sounds. The oldest tries to be brave and not tell his brothers what he is thinking.

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Strange noises bring a lot of fear to the four brothers sleeping in a tent. But your readers will be humored by the boy's questions in A NIGHT IN THE WOODS READING COMPREHENSION WORKSHEET.

Answers to the Questions on the Night In The Woods Worksheet

1. How do the brothers feel about sleeping in the tent?
A. They are happy to go camping.
B. They are scared. Correct Answer
C. They are too tired to stay awake.

2. What is Alfred trying to do?
A. He is trying to scare his younger brothers.
B. He tries to wake his father up.
C. He tries to comfort his brothers and not let them know he is afraid. Correct Answer

3. Which of the following is something Alfred is NOT afraid of:
A. Unusual sounds in a new environment
B. Rattlesnakes
C. Bears Correct Answer
D. Spiders and Bugs

Getting Ready to Go

It may be the Depression, but the family is excited about the big picnic. Well, almost everybody. Do your students pick up important details and notice what characters are feeling?

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The whole family is climbing into the mule-drawn wagon for a special day. But Mama seems worried. Could something be wrong?

Answers to the Questions on the Getting Ready To Go Worksheet

1. The family is:
A. Going to bed for the night.
B. Preparing to go to their grandfather's house. Correct Answer
C. Making supper.

2. Everyone is happy except for:
A. Billy
B. Their father
C. Their mother Correct Answer

3. This took place on:
A. A hot summer day Correct Answer
B. A cold winter night
C. A rainy fall day

More To Come

We will have more 3rd grade reading comprehension worksheets added to this page. Come back for more!

Meanwhile, you might also be interested in our top ten classical literature choices for 3rd grade readers. We even have a book club to encourage reading.

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